Christopher M. Cevasco, Author




“The Happy Island,” Distant Echoes (Corazon Books, UK)Distant Echoes

  • New (September 2017) 

“Bottom Time,” Space and Time, issue 127Space & Time #127

  • New (Winter 2016) 

“Descent,” The Lovecraft eZine, issue 36SBHS vol 4

  • To be reprinted in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, vol. 4 (forthcoming in 2017) 

“Bones,” Nightmare Magazine (special feature, April 2014)Nightmare

SHADES“No More Amongst the Cities of the Earth,”
Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War (Prime Books: Steve Berman, ed.)

  • Honorable Mention, Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year (2013 stories)

Zombies Cover“A Frenzy of Ravens,”
Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages (Prime Books: Steve Berman, ed.) 

Inhuman Magazine #5“The Lion of Orkahaugr,” Allen K’s Inhuman, issue 5

LovecraftEZCover of Black Static, issue 5“Less a Dream Than This We Know,”                   Black Static, issue 5

  • Reprinted in The Lovecraft eZine, issue 24
  • Honorable Mention, Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year (2008 stories)
  • “Both interesting imagery as well as an interesting treatment of Lovecraft … Cevasco’s perspective of Lovecraft’s symptomatic and creative musings provides a critical and central look into Lovecraft’s artistic motivations … As a homage piece, the language suits nicely, and the visual imagery entertains.”  Rae Bryant, The Fix
  • “This is a nice tribute to HPL and an interesting speculation as to what his last hours were like.”  Sam Tomaino, SFRevu
  • “[E]legant writing and unflinching depiction of the pain of dying…” Colin Harvey, Suite 101
  • “You broke my heart. Wonderful in every way.” W.H. Pugmire

Cover of A Field Guide to Surreal Botany“Time Cactus,A Field Guide to Surreal Botany (Janet Chui &
Jason Erik Lundberg, eds.)

  • “An entire world of possibilities is revealed here in a very small space, representing the best of what a volume like A Field Guide to Surreal Botany is prepared to offer.”  Richard Larson, Strange Horizons


Cover of Book of Tentacles“A Ferrylouper at Stenness,” The Book of Tentacles (Scott Virtes & Edward Cox, eds.)

Cover of Magic and Mechanica“Gambit,” Magic and Mechanica (Bill Ward & Robert J. Santa, eds.)

Illustration for "Wai Momi"“Wai Momi,”, Winter 2004/2005

Cover of Horror Express, issue 6“Danse Macabre,” The Horror Express, issue 6

“Ars Longa,” Twilight Tales

  • 2nd place, 2005 World Horror Convention’s short-short story contest

Cover of Dark Heresy chapbookCover of Dreaming in R'lyeh, issue 3“Dark Heresy,” Dreaming in R’lyeh, issue 3

  • Reprinted as a signed limited edition chapbook

Cover of Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries #11“The Legacy of Morvidus,” Lovecraft’s Weird Mysteries, issue 11

Cover of Simulacrum #14“A Certain Very Ancient Book,” Simulacrum, issue 14

Cover of Leading Edge #44“Decrescendo,Leading Edge, issue 44