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Midsummer Missive

With summer in full swelter, here are a few updates about recent items of note and upcoming fun…

First, as reported in my last general blog post, the Historical Novel Society Conference in June was amazing; it continues to inspire me. I’ve updated the Gallery page of my website with a small sampling of my photos from the conference. A larger photo set is on my Facebook Page, and a still larger one is available through the HNS website.

Speaking of conferences, I’ll next be attending Worldcon in Reno, NV, from August 18-21. While there, I’ll be one of the workshop leaders at the small group Writers’ Workshops being arranged through the convention. Specifically, best-selling author Robert Buettner and I will be leading a two-hour session on Saturday morning at 10am with three writers who’ve each submitted a short story or novel excerpt to be critiqued in a group setting that will follow the Clarion/Odyssey  workshop model. I just received the submissions yesterday, and I look forward to reading them and to meeting my fellow writers in Reno! While I’m at the convention, I’ll also be attending the wedding of my good friend John Joseph Adams, who will be marrying Christie Yant in a ceremony to take place Friday morning. It should be a blast! Although I saw some folks at last fall’s World Fantasy Convention, this will also be the first time I’ve seen many members of my old NYC geek posse since I moved to Myrtle Beach a year ago. I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody!

As for my own writing goals for the month, they have been somewhat delayed owing to general busyness. Among other things I attended my sister’s wedding in Annapolis, MD, last weekend, where a great time was had by all.

Vlad CoverI did manage to find time to read an excellent historical novel recently–Vlad: The Last Confession, by C.C. Humphreys, about Vlad the Impaler–i.e. the real Dracula. Nothing at all to do with vampires, by the way. The time and place and personalities were so well researched and convincingly rendered; darkly disturbing but simultaneously beautiful in so many ways. Highly recommended, albeit not for the faint of heart…

Oh and for those of you inclined to take part in this sort of thing, in addition to Facebook, I’m now also on Google+. So far I haven’t actually posted very much there as it’s basically left me feeling … well, nonplussed. But I’ll be sticking around on it, so if you’re also part of the hive, feel free to +1 me.


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