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Convening in 2011

In past years, two of my favorite conventions have been Readercon and WisCon.  Unfortunately I’ll be missing both cons this year (one for the happy occasion of attending my sister’s wedding!), but I certainly plan to return to them in 2012.

I will, however, be attending several conferences and conventions over the rest of the year, where I hope to see many of you…

HNS Conference First up, the Historical Novel Society is a group every fan of historical fiction should look into.  It puts out two excellent publications, the quarterly Historical Novels Review (which provides in-depth reviews of new historical novels) and the biannual Solander (which features interviews, articles and an original work of fiction in each issue).  The society has been holding a North American Conference every other year since 2005, and I’ve happily attended every one of them.  Past guests of honor have included authors Bernard Cornwell, Diana Gabaldon, Margaret George, Sharon Kay Penman, Judith Merkle Riley and Jack Whyte along with many top editors and agents.

This year’s HNS conference will be in San Diego, California, from June 17-19, and the author guests of honor will be Cecelia Holland and Harry Turtledove.  I’ll be in attendance and will be joining Mr. Turtledove, Ann Chamberlin and Stoney Compton on a panel discussion of Alternate History (Saturday, 11am to noon).  I’m looking forward to it!

Next I’ll be heading to Reno, Nevada, from August 18-21 for Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon). I’ve never been to Nevada, but something tells me I’m in for some intense heat there in August.  More details will follow once I find out about my own programming schedule…

After regrettably missing it last year, I’ll be returning this year to Capclave, which moves from its traditional venue in Rockville to nearby Gaithersburg, Maryland.  I guess the con organizers take their R.E.M. lyrics seriously.

Con LogoAnd finally: the 2011 World Fantasy Convention.  I had every intention of again heading to San Diego for this convention; World Fantasy is the one convention I always try my hardest not to miss.  But alas, when I recently attempted to register, I discovered the convention had reached its membership cap at an unprecedentedly early date.  I signed up for the waiting list, but my guess is that’s a rather long list, so I’ll just have to wait and see.  I sincerely hope to be there!

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  1. I’m going to be in Reno too, so we should hang out again. It was great getting to finally meet you in Columbus last year.

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